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About Project SAT

SAT is a Sanskrit adjective meaning "the ideal; pure and true essence (nature)" of an entity or existence in the Indian Vedanta philosophy. For the purposes of this sector development equity initiative  it is an acronym for South Asian Theatre - project.





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Project SAT has completed its first three years successfully and undertaken four phases of its ten phase ten year strategy during these highly successful years. We are very much excited by the amazing support and feedback we have received during the pivotal foundational years from 2015 - 2020.

We are also grateful and moved by the accolades we have received. Currently, we are in the planning, development and fundraising cycle for the next chapter in our progress. We will be back with more free workshops, programs and updates in the years ahead. Please stay tuned for these updates in early 2022 and please do write to us if you have any ideas or suggestions.


Ten - Phase Strategy: 

This project is to take place in ten phases over a decade 2015-2025 timeframe. 


Phase 1: Research and building connections/relationships and preliminary development initiatives for Project SAT. - Completed


Phase 2:  Deliver development initiatives in BC to create a foundational support to nurture, launch and train a new generation of talented local South Asian BC based playwrights, actors, Directors and Producers through Playwriting workshops, creation workshops, Producing workshop and discussion groups with support for accessibility through Punjabi/Hindi/ASL/Other language translators and specific outreach to schools, universities, community centers and places familiar to South Asian artists for these workshops. - On going and In Progress 

Phase 3:  Producing new South Asian works in BC in collaboration with local development companies with diverse/intercultural/South Asian Mandate, Local South Asian Arts based festivals and/or companies who want to collaborate more on South Asian talents/projects despite not having a diverse cultural mandate but a mandate that includes South Asian Culture.  - On going and In Progress 

Phase 4: Presenting existing South Asian work from other parts of Canada, North America, India and other territories here in BC. - On going and In Progress

Phase 5: Develop a national and international touring network for South Asian Artists, creators, leaders, producers and works of performing arts - Early stages and under development  

Phase 6: Nurture a new generation of South asian Artists, producers and content creators through mentorships, apprenticeships, internships, residencies, training and professional development support - Early stages and under development 


Phase 7: Plan a national gathering that brings a cohort of South asian Playwrights, Producers, Directors, leaders, creators together to develop a digital strategy for Project SAT and South Asian Artist community  - Planning and fundraising stage 


Phase 8: Plan a national gathering that brings a cohort of South asian Playwrights, Producers, Directors, leaders, creators together to discuss objectives, goals and frame a vision for the next decade of Project SAT  - Planning and fundraising stage 


Phase 9: Plan an international conference that brings a cohort of South asian Playwrights, Producers, Directors, leaders, creators together from all over the world to discuss common objectives, goals and vision alongside an international cultural exchange around the South Asian Identity and challenges we face as South Asian Content creators  - Planning and fundraising stage 

Phase 10: Take the pilot model from B.C and launch it in other provinces and territories of Canada. - B.C Pilot Completed Successfully, Planning and fundraising for other provinces.  

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