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“This is one of the most harrowing, unsettling, and mesmerizing plays I’ve ever seen. Ten hours after leaving the theatre, I’m still shaken by its uniquely poetic horror, and marvelling at the complexity of what acclaimed playwright Anosh Irani weaves in Bombay Black’s dense 75 minutes. The performances are all stellar, but Kanji is unforgettable as the diabolical Padma, who belongs in the hall of fame of horrifying fictional mothers “

- - Andrea Warner for The Georgia Straight 

“Blackest RomCom for deepest Kalyug. CultchLab lights up with Magic Realist vision of a City of Dreadful Night”

- - Liconln Kaye for Vancouver Observer 

“I can see why Bombay Black directed by Rohit Chokani won Pick of the Fringe last year.  I definitely appreciated the sensory exploration that he took us on”

“In this time of #metoo, the trauma that the two women are revealed to have suffered doesn’t come as a surprise. As sad as that reality is, you’ll emerge from this play reminded of the strength and resilience of women” – Assaultedfish review

“Chokhani puts us, again and again, in the dark—a state of “blindness” that reflects the male character. The blackouts are especially effective when the blind man, Kamal (Munish Sharma), tells the dancer stories that transport both of them out of their depressing realities… The stripped-down staging highlights the actors’ abilities in three complex roles…The cast manages to make it all flow naturally. ” 

- Janet Smith for The Georgia Straight

“There are fundamentally three aspects of Anosh Irani's play that magnetize the viewer in Diwali Artistic Director Rohit Chokhani's clever re-imagining of the script. Light/dark and chiaroscuro visuals. Terrific soundscape. And the acting. Oh the acting.”

– Brokenleg reviews

“Director Rohit Chokhani has brought this vibrant feature to life for the 2017 Vancouver Fringe Festival’s Dramatic Works Series. His cast and crew have done a great service to playwright Anosh Irani’s lyrical, humorous, and somber work; fuelled with cultural depth and theatrical talent”

- -Jorin McSween for SAD Magazine 


  • Pick of the fringe award at Vancouver Fringe Festival 2017

  • Georgia Straight Pick amongst the top 20 shows on Vancouver stages in 2017

  • Georgia Straight Critics' Pick award runner up at Vancouver Fringe Festival 2017

  • Completely Sold out run at the Vancouver Fringe festival 2017

  • Top 5 shows at the Fringe picked by Global News TV - 2017

  • Top 7 show pick by Vancouver Sun and Vancouver province for 2017

  • Top 10 show pick by Vancouver presents for 2017

  • Picked by Vancouver Courier for a show to watch as a part of fall arts preview for 2017

  • Top shows at the Fringe pick by East Van picks - for 2017

  • Top Weekly Pick in 2018 by Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Province, Vancouver Magazine (VanMag), Peace River Record Gazette

  • Top December pick by BeatRoute Magazine – 2018

  • Top Weekend Pick by Review Vancouver – 2018

  • Pick of the week by - 2018

  • Hot ticket weekly pick by The Georgia Straight - 2018


"Rohit! Thank you for such a superb crafting of a difficult play in Bombay Black last night! What an emotional ride. I had seen a previous production of the play a few years ago, but your production lifted the writing to a new level. I laughed, was moved, filled with fear, and got beautifully uncomfortable as the piece bore into me. Congrats also on directing Nimet, Agam and Munish into a new level of acting work I'd not seen before. I'm still reeling from the experience!"

– Popular Canadian Film / Television Actress Veena Sood


"Hare Krishna Rohit hope you're well. I enjoyed the play. It was a very realistic plot. The characters depicted their roles perfectly. It seemed so real. Congrats and thank you for allowing me to experience your production. Amazing. "

– Annonymous Temple devotee from Vancouver

"Congrats on Bombay Black, the show is beautiful and textured, and 100x richer than the previous time I saw it. Your hand in that is clear throughout. When the mother is rubbing herself…trying to feel…after all that’s transpired - it's one of the most powerful onstage moments I’ve experienced. You’re a natural director."

– Rena Cohen  - Managing Artistic Director of Realwheels Theatre


"We all know how good the spices from India are but it’s the formula of putting it together in right proportions that creates a delightful meal. You did that with this production. It all came together nicely."

– Vikram Vij, Indian Born Celebrity Chef as featured on CBC’s Dragons Den.  

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