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"Diwali in B.C. spotlights women in inaugural series" 

- Janet Smith for The Georgia Straight 

"Dipti Mehta honours women as part of Diwali in B.C. celebrations"

- Vancouver Sun 

"Shakti your booty! Diwali in BC is all about feminine energy"

- Inside Vancouver 

"A Vancouver Guldasta: welcome nuance. The quiet ferocity that Lou Ticzon brings to the role of Andy broke my heart. Gunjan Kundhal (Niranjan, the mom) is every bit as thorough. Arshdeep Purba and Parm Soor are also impressively strong as Rani and Chattar. I’m grateful for A Vancouver Guldasta. It seems that, as theatre has lagged behind in terms of diversity, film and television may have been acting as incubators of significant talent. That we’re seeing this show is yet more evidence of the programming vision of Heather Redfern at The Cultch and Rohit Chokhani of Diwali in BC."

- Colin Thomas 

"Take d Milk, Nah? creates space...this show blows most others out of the water" 

- Vancouver Presents 

"Take d Milk, Nah?'s Jivesh Parasram upends identity play with heartbreaking truths and hilarious asides"

- The Georgia Straight

"Yeah, take d milk...I’m feeling so high right now:  Take d Milk, Nah? kept me consistently stimulated and also offers an embodied experience" 

- Colin Thomas 

"All thumbs up and a glorious cow to “Take d Milk, Nah!” To truth-telling and taking up theatre space for stories that move us and make us feel our uncontested sense of belonging in our beautiful bodies" 

- The Vancouver Arts Review 

"A Vancouver Guldasta's exploration of home is intimate, generous, and affecting "

- Kathleen Oliver for The Georgia Straight 

"Uniting East, west and all the rest "

- Megaphone Magazine 

"Nanaimo’s TheatreOne opens season with Vancouver Fringe hit ‘Bombay Black’ "

- Nanaimo News Bulletin 

"Diwali in BC: Bringing everyone together"

- SAD Magazine 

"Rohit Chokhani and Diwali in BC Amplify South Asian Voices "

- The Georgia Straight 

"Bro'hood: believe it or else...Medium is the message in Javaad Alipoor's immersive solo farrago "

- Vancouver Observer 

"The Believers Are But Brothers: See it, believe it, and think really hard. I highly recommend The Believers Are But Brothers. It will give you an essential workout. "

- Colin Thomas 

"Celebrating the festival of Light in Maple Ridge "

- Maple Ridge News 

"From live group chats to video projections, The Believers Are But Brothers clicks all the links "

- Kathleen Oliver for The Georgia Straight 

"Vancouver Guldasta is refreshing "

- Vancouver Arts Review 

"Diwali in B.C. to expand its offerings as part of Rohit Chokhani's five-year plan - Vancouver Presents First annual Diwali in Vernon kicks off after Thanksgiving "

- Vernon Morning Star 

"A Vancouver Guldasta illuminates the challenges faced by the Sikh diaspora in the ’80s, while The Believers Are But Brothers shines a light on online extremism. A fresh take on Bengali dance drama Shyama (pictured) pays tribute to its original creator, the first non-European Nobel Laureate poet. Truly dazzling "

- Where Magazine 

"Diwali in BC explores New Horizons with six weeks of celebrations "

- Vancouver is Awesome 

"Celebrate Diwali with Launch of New Provincial Initiative "Diwali in BC"  

- My VanCity

"The five-week Diwali in BC festival explores 'feminine power through theatre, dance and film, and shines a light on works created by diverse and talented women.' ”

- Surrey Now Leader 

"Pamela Mala Sinha’s Happy Place is full of silver linings "

- North Shore News 

"Vernon Diwali Festival to Shine "

- BC Local News & Salmon Arm Observer 

"East will meet West during the inaugural Diwali in Vernon Festival Saturday. "

- Casta net 

To download complete press kit for Diwali in BC please click here: DiwaliInBC Press Kit

To download complete press kit for Rohit Chokhani please click here: Rohit Chokhani Press Kit

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